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5 Best Places To Sell Gold For Cash: An Experienced  Guide

5 Best Places To Sell Gold For Cash Online

Here are the best places to sell gold for cash online:

  • The Alloy Market
  • Express Gold Cash
  • Luriya


CashforGoldUSA is among the oldest gold buyers in the industry. They purchase gold jewelry, scrap gold, and gold coins from anywhere around the globe. Known for offering some of the best rates for gold among online jewelry buyers, they’ve earned a reputation for reliability over the years.

Customers trust CashforGoldUSA for their excellent and speedy service, as well as their competitive rates. They even guarantee to beat any competitor’s offer, or they’ll return your gold for free. With a stellar 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, their track record speaks for itself.

To sell your gold items, simply fill out a form on their website. Within a few days, you’ll receive an envelope via USPS Mailer or FedEx to send your items back in. You’ll get paid just 24 hours after they receive your shipment. Plus, shipping is free, and all packages are insured for peace of mind.

The price you can expect for your gold items depends on the current gold market and the specifics of your item. You’re under no obligation to accept their offer, and if you’re not satisfied after the official appraisal and final offer, they’ll return your items to you for free.

2. The Alloy Market

The Alloy Market stands out as one of the top destinations for selling gold, and they’re equally open to purchasing silver and platinum jewelry. What sets them apart is their disregard for the condition of the item, focusing instead on providing complete transparency throughout the selling process.

Known for their exceptional customer service and commitment to transparency, Alloy aims to offer a straightforward and clear process for selling gold in today’s ever-changing market. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with zero complaints, and boasting an impressive 4.8-star rating out of 5 on Trustpilot, it’s clear they’ve won over many satisfied customers.

To sell your gold to the Alloy Market, simply fill out an online form to claim your free appraisal kit. Within 2 – 3 days, it’ll arrive at your doorstep, complete with a prepaid shipping label and $100,000 in insurance coverage. Once they receive your items, a professional appraiser will evaluate them based on weight and purity, with no consideration given to the condition. Their experts then take into account the current market price and extend you an offer. You can also get a complimentary upfront estimate using the Alloy app.

Once you accept an offer, Alloy commits to paying you the very same day. Depending on your chosen payment method, the funds could hit your account within hours or a few days, as they offer a variety of options including PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, ACH deposit, and check payments.

3. Express Gold Cash

Express Gold Cash has been serving customers for over 25 years, specializing in buying various types of gold jewelry, including engagement rings, watches, gold coins, dental gold, and other metals.

If you’re uncertain whether your item is eligible for sale, you can reach out to them via phone or through their online form.

Express Gold Cash prides itself on being honest, transparent, and reliable in its evaluations. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an impressive 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot, based on over 5,500 reviews, they’ve earned a solid reputation for their service.

To sell your gold to Express Gold Cash, start by requesting your Appraisal Kit through their online form. 

Once you receive it, follow the shipping instructions provided. Upon their receipt of your package and your acceptance of their offer, you’ll receive a payment within 24 hours. All shipments are sent via FedEx Overnight, at no cost to you, and are insured for up to $5,000.

Express Gold Cash offers competitive payouts, providing up to 98% of the gold bullion value and up to 90% of the refined jewelry value. Their gold prices are determined by the current market rates, which are updated daily on their website. You can also view various items and the prices they’ve paid on their website. With their Best Price Guarantee, they’ll match any better offer from competitors, as long as it’s for no more than 90% of the current day’s market price.

4. Luriya

Luriya is a prominent name in Manhattan’s renowned “Diamond District.” With over 20 years of experience in buying gold, they’ve established themselves as a trusted buyer. If you’re unable to visit their store in New York, you can still sell your gold to them online.

Reliability: Luriya is recognized for its professional team and exceptional customer service, traits they’ve maintained over their many years in business. Even as they transitioned their services online, they’ve upheld the same high standards, ensuring customers receive top-notch service.

How To Sell: Selling gold to Luriya is straightforward. Begin by filling out their mail-in kit form.

Once you receive the kit, package your items securely and send them back via FedEx using the prepaid label provided. Shipping is both free and insured for up to $1,000. If you require additional insurance, arrangements can be made for amounts up to $1 million.

Pay: While Luriya doesn’t provide detailed pricing information on its website, you can obtain an offer by ordering a mail-in kit or opting for a free valuables appraisal. Their team of experts will carefully assess your gold items and offer a fair and competitive payout based on their evaluation.


SellYourGold has been in the gold-buying business for over 50 years. Utilizing their proprietary technology, they rigorously test gold items to ensure they provide you with the best offer possible. They accept various types of gold items, including jewelry, coins, and bullion.

Reliability: SellYourGold is a popular choice among individuals looking to sell their gold. Their extensive experience and commitment to offering competitive prices have earned them the trust of many customers. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a stellar 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot, backed by over 7,900 reviews, their reputation speaks for itself.

How To Sell: Selling your gold to SellYourGold is a simple process. Start by visiting their website and filling out the online form to request your free appraisal kit. Once you’ve securely packed your gold items, ship the package via FedEx. Shipping is both free and insured for up to $5,000. If you require additional insurance, you can arrange it over the phone. SellYourGold commits to providing you with an offer on the same day they receive your package and ensures payment within 24 hours.

Pay: SellYourGold boasts one of the best payouts in the market, having paid out over $60 million to their customers. The price they offer depends on the current market price for gold, which you can easily find on their website. Additionally, SellYourGold is willing to match competitors’ offers if you happen to find a higher one.

How Do I Sell Gold For Cash?

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your gold items—whether it’s jewelry, coins, or even gold teeth (yes, you read that correctly)—it’s essential to understand exactly what you have and what you can expect to receive for it.

You can quickly estimate the value of your gold item using online calculators. Once you have an idea of its worth, consider which selling method is most convenient for you. It’s also a good idea to check with a few different places to compare offers, ensuring you get the best value for your gold.

You have the option to sell your gold items both online and offline. Online gold buyers offer a convenient and speedy way to sell gold, with numerous reputable companies to choose from.

Offline options include physical stores and pawn shops that buy gold. Take a look around your neighborhood to see if there are any nearby establishments that purchase gold.

Where To Sell Gold For Cash Offline

No matter where you reside, chances are you’ve noticed numerous places nearby where you could trade gold for cash. While not all stores boast a stellar reputation, there are some that are trustworthy.

Here are the three main types of outlets where you can sell gold for cash:

Pawnshops: These establishments are often considered a better offline option for selling gold compared to nearby cash-for-gold places. Pawnshops typically offer higher prices, and the process is relatively quick, taking only 5-15 minutes. While their reputation might not always be the best, opting for chain outlets can provide added reassurance.

Local Jewelers: Many local jewelers also buy gold, similar to cash-for-gold outlets. If you have one of these shops in your area, it could be convenient to visit. While some offer reasonable prices, it’s wise to check with a few buyers to ensure you’re getting the best offer.

Gold Exchanges or Cash for Gold Stores: These types of stores are abundant in every city and provide a fast and convenient way to exchange gold for cash. They typically buy gold for melting and reuse, so the price they offer might be slightly lower than other options.

Is it Better to Sell Gold at a Pawn Shop?

Pawn shops offer a quick way to get cash, often providing better rates than other offline options, especially chain pawn shops.

The big advantage of pawn shops over online buyers is speed. When you sell your gold at a pawn shop, you can wrap up the process in about 10 minutes, especially if you check out a few and choose the best offer.

Opting to sell gold online offers the convenience of not needing to go anywhere, saving you time in that regard.

However, you’ll likely have to wait a few days to receive an offer online. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can send the item to a different buyer, which adds more time to the process.

How To Check If Your Gold Is Real

If you can’t find a stamp on your gold item, there are a few tricks you can try to determine if it’s genuine or fake.

While only a professional can accurately determine the karat of your gold, you can use these tricks to check for authenticity:

Heat Test: Hold the item over a steady flame, like a lighter or stove (avoid using a blowtorch). Real gold typically brightens when heated, while fake gold may darken or change color.

Magnet Test: Use a strong magnet to see if the item is attracted to it. Gold is not magnetic, so if the item is attracted, it’s likely not gold.

Skin Test: If the jewelry leaves a green or black mark on your skin, it’s probably not gold. Real gold won’t tarnish or discolor your skin.

Water Test: Drop your gold item into a glass of water. Real gold sinks, so if it floats, it’s likely not gold. Additionally, gold won’t rust or corrode in water, unlike some other metals.

How To Calculate The Price Of Your Gold Item

There are plenty of online gold price calculators where you can figure out the value of your gold item.

For an accurate estimate, you’ll need to input the weight and karat of your item. To weigh it, just use a precise kitchen scale.

As for the karat, you can usually find it stamped on the item itself. Check the back or inside for a mark. You’ll often see numbers like 18K, indicating it’s 18-karat gold.

Some items might also have a three-digit number on the stamp. Here’s what those numbers typically mean:

  • 999: 24 karat – 99.9% gold
  • 990: 22 karat – 99% gold
  • 916: 22 karat – 91.6% gold
  • 750: 18 karat – 75% gold
  • 585: 14 karat – 58.5% gold
  • 375: 9 karat – 27.5% gold

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Gold Sell For?

Gold prices are influenced by various factors. While the market price for gold fluctuates daily, the prices you see are typically for gold bullion and pure gold in other forms. Keep in mind, if you have different gold items like jewelry or coins, the price may not align exactly with the market rate and is often lower.

For rare gold coins, special jewelry pieces, or items with unique value, you might fetch a higher selling price. Online calculators can help you estimate how much you could sell your items for, but for items with added value, it’s wise to seek advice from professional jewelers or experts at coin shops to get a more precise valuation.

How Much Is Gold Worth Per Ounce?

The value of gold is determined by several factors, with the current market price of gold bullion being the primary one. In 2023, the average price per ounce was around $1,932 for pure gold, such as gold bullion. However, if you’re dealing with jewelry or other gold items, they’re often alloys mixed with other metals, which means their value will typically be lower.

How Much Can I Get For a Gold Dollar Coin?

The price of a gold dollar coin varies based on several factors. You could receive anywhere from $200 to tens of thousands of dollars for a single coin. Online calculators can help you estimate the value of your gold dollar coin.

Factors Affecting Price:

Purity: Like other gold items, higher karat coins fetch higher values.

Weight: The coin’s weight matters, as gold prices are calculated per gram or ounce.

Condition: Coins in excellent or mint condition command significantly higher prices.

Rarity: Rare coins hold much greater value compared to common ones.

Should You Sell Your Gold?

Selling gold is a fantastic way to quickly pocket some extra cash. With plenty of online appraisal tools and buyers at your disposal, maximizing your earnings is pretty straightforward.

By comparing quotes and staying updated on the gold market, you can potentially boost your profits even more.

If you’re pressed for time and need cash fast, offline options are available. Just make sure you’re dealing with reputable places to sell gold to maximize your returns.

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